Dione Taylor

Dione Taylor sings & writes songs inspired by the stories & real-life journeys of Black Canadians throughout history. Her artistic focus is writing original songs about faith & perseverance. Her goal is to educate all Canadians about stories like the enslaved Africans who followed the Underground Railroad to find freedom in Canada.

A pastor’s daughter from Saskatchewan, she was born & raised in a family she describes as "really connected to the gift of song." Dione began playing the organ at age 4 and by 10, was the music director & organist at The Shiloh Assembly Church in Regina. "The sounds & music of my youth are all present on Born Free. From the gospel music & blues at church to the southern country gospel at home, it’s all in there!"

Dione Taylor-Hymn To Freedom

Sandy Mamane, Manager/Agent, Soular Productions
(416) 532-0441