Pitch Sessions

A great way for artists to get out in front of the presenters, the Pitch Sessions are a way to show your work to presenters. 

Ontario Contact’s Pitch Sessions are an excellent way to introduce yourself to the presenting delegates. You have five minutes for your ‘elevator speech’. We provide a couple of microphones and no other tech. Please note, that there will be no video available in 2017. You have to get on and off within that 5 minutes. Despite the restrictions, many artists have received work as a result of their pitch. 

Over 25 works will be presented during the two sessions at this year’s Contact event.

  • Pitch Session 1 - coming soon
  • Pitch Session 2 - coming soon

Information for Artists

As a requirement of participating in a pitch session, the artist must either be registered as an exhibitor to attend the conference or have a representative registered.
During registration, you will be asked if you wish a pitch session. The decisions for pitches are then determined with the following priorities in mind:
1) artists who applied to showcase unsuccessfully and is attending full conference
2) artists who applied to showcase unsuccessfully and has an agent attending full conference
3) artists who did not apply to showcase
4) agents without showcasing artists 
5) agents with showcasing artists

For further information contact:

Cheryl Ewing

Event Manager, Ontario Contact