Pitch Sessions

A great way for artists to get out in front of the presenters, the Pitch Sessions are a way to show your work to presenters. 

The Pitch Sessions have become one of the most exciting parts of Ontario Contact, always draw a full crowd! Artists, agents and/or managers have 5 minutes to strut their work: to talk about the artists they are representing, to encourage visits to the Contact Room, to entertain the presenters and invite them to bring artists into their community to perform.

Over 25 works will be presented during the two sessions at this year’s Contact event.

  • Pitch Session 1 - coming soon
  • Pitch Session 2 - coming soon

Information for Artists

All is accomplished with a minimum of tech support, so go simple but effective. There will be access to a projector as well as a simple PA system.

Preference is given to those artists who applied to showcase and were unsuccessful, the rest are assigned on a first come first served basis. When you register as an Exhibitor you will be asked to fill out a survey and this is where you indicate that  you wish to have a pitch session. You must have representation in the Contact Room to pitch. The reason for this requirement is simple; if you are not in the Contact Room interested presenters don’t know where to find you!

Remember that we hold to a strict 5 minutes. 

Remember, there will be limited tech available and set up is part of your pitch time. We suggest that you bring what you need and one of our technicians will be on hand to assist.

Forfurther information contact:

Cheryl Ewing

Event Manager, Ontario Contact